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Top 10 YouTube videos of 2018

OpenLearn on YouTube is The Open University’s place to go for bite-sized learning videos on everything from Philosophy to Astronomy. With nearly 40 million views, here are the most popular clips of 2018…

1. Shakespeare: original pronunciation

Ben and David Crystal discuss how the infamous Globe Theatre recreated the original pronunciation of Shakespeare for the first time, and reveal fascinating insight into the unique words of Britain’s notorious playwright.

2. History of English with Clive Davis

Learn about the history of the English language in just 10 minutes – from Anglo Saxons to modern day, what a way to swot up for that pub quiz on Friday night!

3. Understanding International Relations 

This series deserves a place at number three. Through seven videos, some of the world’s leading experts explore the complex world of international relations – critical for the globalised world we live in.

4. The History of the EU with David Mitchell

The familiar voice of David Mitchell makes the history of the EU that little bit easier to understand.

5. Understanding Shell Shock 

Another series slips into our ‘Top 10’, Understanding Shell Shock looks at the impact of World War I on those that took part, focusing on how trauma is represented in art and literature. There’s lots we can learn from the past to help with the treatment of mental health today – well worth a listen.

6. 60 Second Adventures in Economics with David Mitchell

David Mitchell is back with everything you need to know about Economics in just 60 seconds (6 minutes to be precise, but you get the idea).

7. Troy Story

Another series sneaks into our ‘Top 10’ list – listen to the dulcet tones of Don Warrington as he reads you shortened versions of Homer’s epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, with fantastic animations to boot.

8. Design in a Nutshell

Compact the history of design into six short videos, from postmodernism to Bauhaus.

9. Seven Wonders of the Microbe World (combined)

All seven wonders of the microbe world in just one clip – some are good, some are bad, see what they’ve done for mankind.

10. How to talk like Yoda from Star Wars

And finally to finish, get that party trick under your belt with tips on how to nail that Yoda impression.

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Hannah is part of the Media Relations Team at The Open University, working with the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies. With experience both agency and in-house, Hannah has worked on campaigns for a number of large corporate companies and brands, including RBS, NatWest, Travelodge, Audible, AA and the Royal Academy of Dance. She has completed a Masters in Publishing Studies from Oxford Brookes, and enjoys photography, reading and going to the theatre.

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