Tomorrow's World Industrial Scene

OU supports year-long BBC science and technology season

The OU is supporting a year-long season of science and technology programmes that will bring science to life for millions.

Launched under the banner Tomorrow’s World, the radio and TV programmes and online hub, will take science out of the lab and into peoples’ homes, addressing how science is changing peoples’ lives, reshaping the world, and rewriting the future of healthcare. The aim is to make science personal and answer the big questions relevant to everyone.

Collaborating with our academics

Academics from the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM), and the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education, and Languages Studies (WELS) at the OU will collaborate with producers on programmes throughout the season; their contribution ensures that programmes are accurate and reflect current research.

Head of Broadcast and Partnerships at The Open University, Dr Caroline Ogilvie, is enthusiastic about the season:

The OU has been at the forefront of creating and producing engaging content to inspire people to learn about STEM subjects. We are delighted to be part of the ‘Tomorrow's World’ partnership and campaign.

What a great idea

The first programme, Britain’s Greatest Invention, is due to broadcast on BBC Two on Thursday 15 June 2017. For the first time ever, TV cameras have been given exclusive access inside the entire Science Museum Vaults: 10 airplane size hangars in the Hampshire countryside.

Academic consultant on the programme and Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Innovation at The Open University, Dr James Warren, said:

There have been many programmes celebrating British inventions, but none have explained in detail the engineering and history behind inventions that have had a profound impact on our lives.

“Audiences will learn about each inventor and how their invention has impacted modern society; whether this be through architecture and infrastructure, the food we eat, or our health and wellbeing. These great British inventions have changed our lives beyond measure and continue to shape the world in which we live.”

Other programmes supported by academics from the OU will be announced later in the year.

The OpenLearn Hub will have a range of content and free courses throughout the season.