Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children

Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children is a new OU/BBC TV co-production telling the stories of residents at Phoenix Futures’ Specialist Family Service - the only family rehab in the UK, where children live with their addicted parents as they recover.

These parents have six months to get clean or they will lose their children for good. Filmed over a year, with unprecedented access to staff and residents, this two-part series follows several families from the beginning to the end of their treatment. They arrive as a family unit; whether they leave as one is up to them.

Changing the habit of a lifetime

Episode one focuses on the lives of four mothers who have spent years addicted to drugs – and have reached the end of the line. It’s time to try to become sober parents to their young children, or face losing them for good.

Episode two couple tells the story of one young couple facing an uphill battle to overcome their addiction to heroin so they can leave rehab with their two-year-old son.

Addicted Parents: Last Chance to Keep My Children starts on Tuesday 18 July on BBC2 at 21.00.

OpenLearn, the OU's home of free learning, has extensive resources and information on topics related to this programme including an in-depth interview with a social worker featured in the series.

  • Commissioned by: Dr Caroline Ogilvie
  • Academic Consultant: Mick McCormick
  • Media Fellow:  Dr Mathijs Lucassen
  • Broadcast Project Manager: David Bloomfield
  • Online Project Producer: Freyja Taylor-Law