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What is the Future of Education? How could the teaching and learning horizon evolve in years to come, and what should we be getting excited about? In our latest campaign, #TomorrowsEd, we’ll be looking for answers to these questions and more.

We’ll focus on the wider frame, looking beyond The Open University with a curated series of thought-leadership and opinion pieces before training our spotlight on our own innovation and how our academics see the future unfolding.

We’ll also take a look at different areas where we’re working to make a difference, to continue making education accessible to all, as well as opening our doors to a new generation of students who’ll tell us what they think university and higher education is all about.

John Domingue | The Open University
John Domingue – The Future of Education

Professor John Domingue, Director of the OU’s Knowledge Media Institute, discusses developments in technology which he sees impacting on education in the long and short term…

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