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All an OU student wants for Christmas is…

So what do OU students want for Christmas? We took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and asked our community of students what would be on their end of year wish list. More stationery? A time machine? Someone to clean the house? There were some surprising requests, and a couple are back from last year’s wish list due to popular demand.

So, without further ado, here is your crowd-sourced #OUstudents Christmas wish list:

1) A Nannie McPhee or Mrs Doubtfire (to watch the children)

Studying requires time. Children take up time and space (and money!). For those of you with children, finding time to focus on an assignment might seem like an impossible task. This is where Nannie McPhee comes in. Simply click your fingers in moments of desperation and she will appear, ready to bathe, feed, clothe and discipline the little sprogs. That essay will be written in no time!

2) An irresistible workspace

Forget functional – that’s so 2017. It’s a fact: students love a decorative workspace. Make yours as irresistible as possible, then you’ll never want to leave! Fill it with colourful stationery, candles, a weekday planner and inspirational quotes. If ever you feel stuck on an idea or uninspired, have a tidy up or relocate to a different space entirely – the kitchen, garden shed, a cafe. Sometimes a new perspective can make a huge difference.

3) A positive outlook (and more self-confidence)

Daily affirmations might seem a bit left field, but they really work. Try integrating some into your morning routine, while getting dressed, having a shower or doing the school run. Make sure you use the present tense and that each statement is positive. These can be whispered, repeated out loud or kept in your head if you prefer.

Here are some to get you started:

  • I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself
  • I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to
  • I commit to learning new things
  • I never give up
  • I WILL pass with flying colours (Yes, you can – and will!)

4) Ghost writer

All you’d have to do is lie back, listen to soothing music and voice your ideas. A skilled writer would then extract your muddled thoughts and produce sentences that perfectly articulate your argument. These would then be beautifully packaged with references and paraphrasing to demonstrate you’ve read all the relevant books. Which leads us nicely on to the next point…

5) Personal reader

How on earth will I read all this course material?! A personal reader would read ALL the books, papers, studies and research for you. They would then relay any essential need-to-know information in bite-sized chunks. This would free up hours of your time that can be used elsewhere (washing, eating, sleeping etc.).

6) A bigger brain

You might be surprised to learn that when asked for Christmas gift ideas, most students asked for a bigger brain. We’ve had a word with OU scientists and technologists and it’s not looking possible in the near future but certain foods such as omega oils, nuts and seeds can contribute towards healthy brain function. Pass the walnuts, please!

7) Support (and kindness)

This can come in the form of hugs, supportive words or cups of tea. Sometimes students need encouragement from others to keep going. Studying can feel like a constant uphill struggle, but the support of friends and family can make a big difference. Small gestures mean a great deal. Whether that’s a card, a phone call or reassuring words when it’s tempting to throw in the towel and give up!

8) Peace and quiet

Sometimes all that is needed is a room of one’s own and some quiet time away from it all. Partners, children, housemates take note: if the door is closed only enter in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, leave them to it or enter at your own peril.

9) A distinction!

If only it were that easy…

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Robyn is Deputy Head of the Social Media Engagement Team in Communications. Formerly a newspaper journalist, she is an experienced comms professional working on a broad range of content for multiple channels. She likes walking her cocker spaniel, Ralphie, reading crime novels and anything that involves laughing.

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