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Grenfell Tower film wins national award

A film about the Grenfell Tower tragedy, created by Dr David Scott, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, has won an award at the British Documentary Film Festival.  Winning in the ‘Life Changing Award’ category, the film – called ‘Grenfell Tower and Social Murder‘ includes powerful testimonies from survivors and families of the bereaved.

Dr Scott said: “To have been involved in the making of this film has been a real privilege and I would like to dedicate the “Life Changing Award” from the British Documentary Film Festival to the bereaved families, survivors and those who died.

“In the last year the tragedy of Grenfell Tower Fire, where 72 people lost their lives and 70 people were injured, has shone a spotlight on some of the deeply ingrained problems haunting contemporary society.

“In the film the Grenfell Tower fire is described as a form of ‘social murder’ to indicate how the toxic combination of austerity and deregulation have created an environment where profits are placed above basic safety concerns. This film provides a platform for the voices of survivors and a critical analysis of the context and response to the fire.  It shows the hurt, harm, suffering and anger and how the fire has ripped apart people’s lives and their communities.  It also sends a message the corporate power should be held in check, the voice of the little people is just as important if not more so, than the voice of the privilege and elite, the terrible consequences of austerity and deregulation and the denial of voice that accompanies privilege and power.”

Watch an extract from the film:

You can watch Dr David Scott talking about the film, and the Grenfell Tower tragedy, on London Live.

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