Christmas feast over? There is always room for another course.

It’s Boxing Day and you have munched enough chocolate, Christmas pudding, and turkey to sustain you for another twelve months; however, there is always room for another course.

If you are bored on Boxing Day and there isn’t anything of interest on TV – even though you have 846 channels – then dine on the OpenLearn Taster Menu.

Appetiser – Beginners’ Spanish: food and drink

Whet your appetite and improve your language skills with this six-hour course on Spanish. Learn basic vocabulary relating to food and drink, including buying and ordering in a restaurant; take part in simple exchanges when buying food in the shops or at the market in Hispanic cultures; and gain an understanding of culinary customs.

Beginners’ Spanish: food and drink

Starter – Writing what you know

You are ready for the starter. This course is for the author in you; it will develop your perception of the world around you and enable you to see the familiar things in everyday life in a new light. You will also learn how authors use their own personal histories to form the basis of their work.

Writing what you know

Main – English: skills for learning

A beast of a course for you to dine on. Aimed at those considering a university degree and who want to develop the English reading and writing skills to support them, this eight-week course focuses on skills such as: active reading and notetaking, critically reading source texts, improving vocabulary and grammatical structures to express yourself more formally, and communicating your ideas.

As it is a Badged Open Course (BOC) you can gain a digital badge and a Statement of Participation as a record of your achievement. Digital badges are a new way of demonstrating online that you have gained a skill. Schools, colleges and universities are working with employers and other organisations to develop open badges that help learners gain recognition for their skills, and support employers to identify the right candidate for a job.

English: skills for learning

Dessert – Factors that influence health: an introduction

For dessert, you are offered the opportunity to learn about the factors that influence our health. This course challenges you to focus on education, environment, income, job prospects, and social circles as negative and positive determinants of our health.

Factors that influence health: An introduction

Cheeseboard – Galaxies, stars and planets

Your delicious five-courses conclude with an eight-hour course, a general introduction to galaxies, stars and planets, including scale of the universe from the very large to the very small; orbits and gravity; the Solar System; the Sun and other stars; galaxies; and the composition of astronomical objects.

Galaxies, stars and planets

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