Antoine Cousot Scholarship Fund

OU graduate sets sail to raise funds for students

To mark 50 years since the first solo voyage around the world without modern technology, and 50 years of education open to all through the OU, graduate Antoine Cousot, aims to raise £1 million for more students to share the opportunities he has had.

The Antoine Cousot Scholarship Fund aims to provide 50 students with the opportunity to transform their futures through Environment, Earth and Ecosystem Sciences courses.

Having left school at 17 to travel the world, Antoine, a lifelong sailing enthusiast, declined an offer from the University of Harvard to enrol with the OU, as distance learning enabled him to study while at sea.

Studying at sea

Studying Earth Sciences with the OU, Antoine enhanced his knowledge and skills as a skipper, and will use what he has learned to single-handedly circumnavigate the Earth in the Golden Globe Race. In the process, he is dedicated to raising funds for students.

Antoine, whose goal is to raise £1 million for the OU during his eight months at sea, said:

Education has changed my life! The OU came to me with the right tools at the right time, helping me pursue my dreams. Learning is as an intimate part of our lives and I want to share my experience with others.

In addition to raising funds for students, Antoine will contribute to academic research at the OU, gathering data on everything from climate change to water pollution.

Ambition to transform lives

Director of Development at the OU, Jhumar Johnson, said: “Antoine’s ambition to transform the lives of 50 students is inspirational; it demonstrates how much OU students can achieve and how they can inspire others to follow their dreams. This scholarship fund will help those students who may face financial barriers to studying and enable them to change their lives.”

For donations and information, visit the Antoine Cousot Scholarship Fund on our website.