Andrew Marr presents Scotland and the Battle for Britain

Scotland and the Battle for Britain

Former BBC political editor Andrew Marr, born in Glasgow, presents Scotland and the Battle for Britain, a two-part documentary exploring Scotland's political transformation during the historic events of recent years.

Produced in partnership with The Open University, the programmes look at the impact of the Scottish referendum on independence, the success of the SNP in last year's UK General Election, and what the vote for Brexit means for Scotland.

Senior Lecturer at The Open University and academic consultant for the programme, Dr Gerry Mooney, said:

"We are living through some of the most profound political, economic and social changes that Scotland has experienced in decades. Some of these have been a consequence of recent events, but others have been building over time."

Scotland and the Battle for Britain explores these issues and changes in the context of Scotland and the wider UK’s historical development since 1945, offering an informed narrative of Scotland’s modern political journey. But while there’s wide agreement that this is a time of significant change and political complexity, there’s little consensus on how this can be explained.

Scotland and the Battle for Britain offers a new perspective, and I hope that it will help to stimulate and inform debate and discussion around the vexed question of the current Scottish political landscape – and where it might go in the future.

The first episode is broadcast on BBC Two on Sunday 11 November 2016, 8pm. You can watch a clip here.

The OU has produced a variety of free learning and resources related to the programme. Find out more here.